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35 Hours 2 Kids Birmingham *On Hold

*position on hold due to Covid-19.

Birmingham family seeks a long term, full-time nanny for their two children ages 4.5 months (boy) and 2 (girl). M-F 9-4 is their proposed schedule, however if someone wanted to work 9-5, or only work M-Th they could be flexible. They are hoping to pay between $18-20/hr, paid vacations, paid holidays, guaranteed 35 hours weekly. Start date is ASAP, but they will have a temporary nanny in the interim. 

This family has a more gentle approach to parenting/discipline. They like having structure and routine, but they'd like a nanny who will explain choices to the toddler. They are a no yelling family, and would rather the nanny distract/redirect the children. They adhere to a Montessori philosophy of raising their family, and hope to find a nanny who meshes well with that thought process. The 2 year old goes to a Montessori school M-F 8:30-11:30am, has lunch, and then takes a nap from 12-2pm ish. 

Mom works from home, but does not want to have to micromanage a nanny. Having a nanny with experience is important to this family. They need someone who understands the balance between having the autonomy/authority in the house to make decisions, but also understands that ultimately the parents are the final decision-makers. They want a self-starter, someone who can come up with activities for the kids and keep both of them engaged. 

After an initial 'get to know you' phase, the nanny will be allowed to take the kids in the Mom's car to pre-discussed, approved activities. The parents like the idea of playdates, being social, park visits etc. Safety is a main concern for this family. A nanny who is physically active and fit is required for this position, as the family has very steep stairs and want a nanny who can keep up with the kiddos. 

Nanny will be responsible for 2-year-olds lunch prep, and possibly helping steam/puree baby food. Their son currently takes a bottle and is also breastfed. He does have reflux currently, so someone with infant experience is necessary. Other job responsibilities could include: wiping counters, unload/load dishwasher, sweep floor after meals, children's laundry (occasionally parents casual clothing too), and meal prep for kids.