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4 Full Days in Ann Arbor from Denver *Now Interviewing!*

Active family relocating from Denver to Ann Arbor need a full time nanny for their 8 month old daughter and almost 4 year old son. 4 days per week, 10 hour days but not always the same day off each week. 7am-4pm. Both parents are physicians and are starting new jobs. They can start interviewing the week of July 1st but don’t need someone to start until mid July. Their son will start preschool August 31st (unless it gets completely shut down). $18+, with 2 weeks vacation, 5 sick days, holidays off (with option to work some at 1.5 rate) and stipend for health insurance.

Dad works in shifts, so he might occasionally be sleeping at the house if he had a night shift the night prior. Both parents work in hospitals. They plan to (and have been) taking every precaution possible to keep themselves and others from becoming sick during the pandemic. This family had an au pair for a few months prior to COVID, so they do have some experience with having an employee in their home. This family would like someone for at least 1 year, possibly longer.

Their son was in a Montessori preschool prior to COVID, so someone who can continue the structure, learning and fun during the day is required.Prior experience teaching, and classroom experience preferred. They are considering putting him in a small summer camp for full days, so it's possible the family might eventually need help with pickups/drop offs. Dad speaks English and Spanish, so someone who is bi-lingual would be preferred but not required.

Prior infant/toddler care  experience needed. Helping the baby grow, develop and learn age-appropraite activities is required. 4 year old has a 'peace corner' instead of a time out spot. They have a biweekly housekeeper and expect minimal cleaning/tidying up. Basic meal prep for kids, dishes, wipe countertops, put away toys etc are job responsibilities. Right now, the daughter takes 3 naps per day but is moving towards 2 naps soon.They want to interview candidates via Zoom first, then in person.