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Linden Family Needs Experienced Nanny ASAP

Linden family looking for an experienced, long-term, full-time nanny for their 4 children: twins 4.5 years, 2 years and a 3-month-old. Typical hours would be Mon-Fri. 9AM-5PM with the flexibility to come earlier or stay later occasionally. The twins will be going to school full time come Fall. $25+/hr

Parents  work from home and Mom is breastfeeding, so candidates must  be comfortable with the home set-up. This is a very active family that has a variety of options for activities to keep the kids busy at their home that is on a lake with things such as a basketball and tennis court,  indoor/outdoor pool, and horse ranch. They prefer zero screen time for the children.

They’re ideal nanny is someone that can be an extension of the family and bring patience, lots of energy, and fresh ideas to engage and entertain the kids. They think someone with a strong educational background would be extremely beneficial.

This family typically travels 5-6 times a year, with a home in CO, beach cities on the East Coast etc. Candidates must be travel ready and have experience traveling with children/families! The family flies privately with trips typically for 5 days at a time. Private accommodations are always provided to the nanny on travel.