Job Openings

TWTh Infant in Royal Oak

Active Royal Oak family needs a TWTh 10am-6pm nanny for their 3 month old son. Start date February 4th or sooner. Guaranteed 24 hours weekly. Mom works from home, but will most likely go to a nearby coffee shop to get work done. Family has a small, friendly dog, and they have a fenced in yard. $16+ hourly. 2-3 days of sick/personal time. Family is not offering vacation time, but will pay for holidays if they land on a work day.

Candidates MUST have their flu shot, and all other vaccinations up to date. Family has a more laid back, easy-going personality. They feel that having a sense of humor is important. Mom is breastfeeding, and there are no allergies or special needs at this time. They feel like their nanny should be more of a team mate rather than a strict employee. The nanny can feel free to eat the families food.

They hope the nanny can help keep their house tidy by doing tasks such as: baby laundry, bottles, run/empty dishwasher, let dog in and out, organize/disinfect baby toys and anything related to the nursery. The family had a post partum doula and really loved all the help she was able to provide, and hopes to find a similar relationship with their nanny. Family hopes to take vacations with nanny in the future. 

30 hrs Berkley Infant

*family has not been met with. More details after 1/20* Berkley family has 3 month old little boy who needs a M-F 9:30-3:30pm nanny starting mid-February. Position is offering $15-16/hr. No household responsibilities other than taking care of the...