Travelling with your Nanny

With all the holidays coming up, we wanted to share a few ways travelling with your nanny, could become a life saver! We all know that a nanny can make your life easier when you find yourself balancing multiple priorities, but have you ever considered traveling with your nanny? Traveling with a nanny on a vacation can be a great experience for everyone! As vacation time is just around the corner, it is great to consider if taking your nanny on vacation is right for you and your family. The ability to have an extra set of hands to help out with the kids on a trip and the possibility of taking some adult time for you, can definitely add to your family vacation! If you do plan on traveling with your nanny when vacation time rolls around, here are some important points to remember before you take off!

1. Ask your nanny how they feel about traveling. This is a key discussion point that you and your nanny need to discuss, as you need to ensure that your nanny is comfortable with flying or being available at all hours during your trip. By speaking with your nanny about her feelings, you will open the conversation to discuss any problems that your nanny may have with traveling beforehand.

2. Discuss your expectations of your nanny’s role during your vacation. Will your nanny be helping and assisting you with all the activities planned or will she be the one entertaining your children? What responsibilities do you want her to take care of? Your expectations need to be clearly laid out, so your nanny is not confused of her role during the vacation. By having clear expectations, you are alleviating some of the stress of figuring out if its her job when the time comes.

3. Compensation, Expenses, and Accommodations. When traveling your nanny, make sure to discuss these three key points. For compensation, when will she be paid and how will she be paid—hourly or weekly? For meals and expenses, make sure you set a fair budget for how much your nanny can spend on certain meals or tasks. As for accommodations and flights, you will be responsible for these, but it would be helpful to include your nanny in your planning. Make sure you discuss these three points to ensure that everyone is on the same page!
By discussing these key points before you take off for a vacation, you are ensuring that both your nanny and your family will have an amazing time! Vacations are meant to be a relaxing and fun time for your family. Make your vacation count with a nanny you can count on! Perfect Nanny Match wants to find your family, the perfect nanny for your vacation and life. If you are looking for a nanny, please feel free to contact us!

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