Family and Caregiver FAQ

We’ve compiled the most commonly-asked questions from both parents and nannies so you can rest assured that Perfect Nanny Match is a fit for you!

About Perfect Nanny Match

  • When was Perfect Nanny Match established?
    Perfect Nanny Match was established in 2012 by Lena Santacaterina. Lena has been a professional nanny in the Metro Detroit area for over 10 years and now takes that knowledge with her by coaching, educating and recruiting quality nannies in southeast Michigan. She graduated from Grand Valley State University with her B.S in psychology and has been working with children and families ever since. Currently, she is the only full-time employee and owner of Perfect Nanny Match, so you will receive communications only from her. We are not a franchise and don’t plan on becoming one. We are experts in your neighborhood, and can’t wait to help make your childcare needs a stress-free experience!
  • What kind of placements does Perfect Nanny Match specialize in?
    We specialize in matching long-term, career-minded, professional nannies and caregivers. Most of our families request full-time or part-time permanent candidates. Our candidates work many different shifts to accommodate our clients’ needs, however, most caregivers work between 30-50 hours per week. We love creating a long-term, successful match with each one of our families.
  • What is the cost for using Perfect Nanny Match?
    Our packages are extremely competitive in the nanny agency market. Feel free to receive your personalized quote on our services by completing our brief family form. Once this form is submitted, you will be emailed our full application, which has a $25 fee associated. We will then schedule a 15 minute call together, to make sure we are the best choice for your family. Our packages are all split into two increments and can be paid online or via check for your convenience.
  • Do you offer back up or temporary nanny/babysitting services?
    Yes. If a family is in need of a temporary nanny, we offer that service for a low daily fee. If a family needs a nanny immediately but also wants us to search for the Perfect Nanny Match, we can offer a temporary nanny while we continue our in-depth search. We also offer backup services for snow days, emergencies, date nights etc. Please feel free to contact us and we can give you a customized quote for your needs.
  • Why choose Perfect Nanny Match over an online nanny database?
    Our screening process is so in-depth and personalized, there really is no comparison to an online database. Searching through hundreds of unqualified applications, narrowing down which ones to interview, background checking and verifying references is extremely time-consuming. Many families report spending at least 40-60 hours on this process alone! Most busy families do not have that kind of time or expertise. Letting a seasoned nanny agency (and someone who has been in the industry for over a decade) conduct the search for you will save time, foster long-term placements and create a stress-free employment process.
  • Do you have a guarantee replacement period?
    Yes. We offer a 60-day replacement guarantee period. If you feel that you’ve picked the wrong nanny within your guarantee period, we will attempt to provide a replacement as soon as possible at no extra charge to you. We believe that 60 days gives our clients/candidates enough time to make sure it’s a perfect match.
  • Do you offer a discount for repeat clients?
    Yes! We would love to help our clients again and again for their recruiting needs! We offer discounted packages for repeat clients, as well as clients who decide to change nannies after their requested replacement period.

About Your Family

  • How long does the Perfect Nanny Match process take usually?
    While this does vary from family to family, a good rule of thumb is to give yourself a nice buffer when starting your nanny search. Since we are so personalized and thorough, our matches can take anywhere between four to ten weeks. Our nannies go through an extensive screening process before becoming available to meet with new families. Also, please keep in mind that many nannies might need to give a professional courtesy two weeks’ notice to their current employer. For families who need a nanny sooner, we do offer temp nannies (see above) in the interim while we conduct our permanent nanny search.
  • Do you guarantee that you’ll find me a nanny?
    While we do attempt to help every family who comes to us, not every family is a great fit for Perfect Nanny Match. In order to be sure we are a good match, we will review your family application and set up a 15 minute call. If we do not believe we can help your family, we won’t move forward. We have over a 95% placement rate with families currently, and don’t intend on lowering that bar.
  • Who employs the nannies, Perfect Nanny Match or the Family?
    We are a recruiting agency, but are in no way an employer. We search for and recruit quality, fully-screened candidates to our clients, and then you choose to hire the candidate who fits your family’s needs the best. We provide our clients with the laws of hiring a domestic employee, common best practices and will also refer you to payroll companies who streamline and simplify the required taxes, should you need guidance in this area.
  • What do you expect of me as a Perfect Nanny Match client?
    Communication is the first and most important expectation. The best matches are made with families who are quick to respond and clear in their communication and feedback. Any family working with Perfect Nanny Match must sign a contract with us prior to beginning the search. We also require our families to have a contract with their chosen caregiver (we will help you with that). Prior to our in depth virtual/in-home consultation, you will be given resources and education on industry hiring standards and employer expectations. Please make sure we have 60-90 minutes of uninterrupted time for our in-home/virtual consultation, as this will help us get a clear picture of your needs. Once you start receiving applications and interviews, please be honest with your feedback on each candidate! The more we understand your initial likes and dislikes, the better our candidate options will be.

About Our Nannies

  • What type of job duties do your nannies usually take on?
    Since each family we help has individual needs, we take the time during our in-home/virtual consultations to really dig deep into expectations. Generally, a career-oriented and professional nanny will take on any duties pertaining to the child(ren) in their care. This could include, but is not limited to: light meal prep, cleaning up after meal times, bottle washing, running/emptying dishwasher, children’s laundry, vacuuming children’s areas and more.
  • How much does a typical nanny in the southeast Michigan area cost?
    That’s a great question and varies from family to family. Most professional, career-oriented nannies in this area make around $18 to $25 per hour. This is dependent on how many job responsibilities you want your nanny to take on, how much experience you want them to have and many other factors. Families will also have to consider and factor in paying legally.
  • What qualifications do you require your caregivers to have?
    For a full list of the qualifications each Perfect Nanny Match caregiver must have, click here. Nannies must go through a rigorous screening process, including an in-person interview, background checks, a basic skills assessment, behavioral screening assessment and more.
  • Where do you source your nannies from?
    While this is a good question, it’s one we don’t necessarily want to spill all the beans on! Many quality, professional nannies go straight to the nanny agencies when they are ready for their next “forever family”, so they come to us organically through searches and word of mouth. We recruit from many different avenues and encourage you to trust our years of experience and expertise in introducing you to quality candidates who have been fully vetted, no matter where they originally came from.

To begin the search for your Perfect Nanny Match, contact us today!