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Now You Can Relax with Metro Detroit’s Preferred Nanny Finder Agency

Finding a great nanny in Troy, MI and the surrounding areas just got way easier; we already did the background check and the interview!

Families have many choices nowadays as to where they can find professional nannies and caregivers. You could search for hours online, getting hundreds of unqualified applicants and then spend hours weeding through them all. Odds are, you won’t find your perfect match within the first week of searching, and the hours will continue to just add up.

Parents spend an average of:

  • 3+ hour setting up an online profile with your families job description/requirements
  • 10+ hours a week perusing profiles/resumes of candidates
  • 8+ hours making preliminary calls/emails reaching out to prospective caregivers
  • 14+ hours scheduling, meeting, interviewing applicants via phone and face to face
  • 5+ hours checking references/running background checks/Googling candidates

Total: 40+ hours of your hard earned time!

While you’re dealing with the hassles of finding a nanny on your own, Perfect Nanny Match already has candidates vetted and ready to be put into a position!

We take the guesswork out of qualifications, pay scales, expectations and follow up. You will be walked through the entire hiring process from start to finish, including a match guarantee to make sure your family is happy with their choice. We are the only agency in the southeast Michigan region that requires each and every one of our nannies to take and pass the INA’s Basic Skills Assessment, which means that all of our nannies are up to date on the latest training.

When you choose your nanny through Perfect Nanny Match, you receive:

  • A list of topics to discuss before starting the match process
  • Knowledge and advice about industry standards
  • Thorough, one-hour consultation from the comfort of your own home
  • Two to three pre-screened, ready to go nanny profiles to choose from
  • Complimentary candidate interview questions to help your interview run smoothly
  • Sample nanny work agreements/contracts
  • 30 to 60-day guarantee replacement period so every family and nanny is satisfied
  • Post-match follow up and consultation services, as needed for duration of employment

You have enough to do; let us find your family’s perfect nanny! Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Complete the family application form below. One of our match specialists will contact you to review the specific requirements for your family. The match specialist will also give you a quote for your specific placement and will verify the information on your application to ensure a perfect match. Keep in mind that most matches can take between four to ten weeks to complete.

Step 2: We will then set up a time to meet your family virtually/in your home to dig deep into what your specific needs and wants are. Once we have an understanding of what you are looking for, we begin reviewing existing candidates as well as interviewing and screening new candidates specifically for your position.

Step 3: When we have located caregivers that fit your requirements, we provide detailed information and arrange an in-person/virtual interview with the candidate(s) of your choosing. This process continues until you have selected the perfect caregiver for your family. We offer a guarantee replacement period as well as post-match follow up to make sure the match is a perfect fit!

Do you have a list of background checked, pre-interviewed nannies to call? We do. Contact Perfect Nanny Match today to get started!