Job Openings

FT Linden House Manager *Now Interviewing!*

Single Mom in Linden (near Fenton) needs help with her three boys ages 8, 3.5 and 2.5. This is a nanny/house manager/ housekeeping position. This is a one week 'on' and one week 'off' job. Hours 7am-6pm when the Mom has the children. On the opposite weeks, the Dad will have the boys, and the nanny will only need to work between 5-10 hours (nanny plans her own schedule) to do housekeeping/upkeep. Guaranteed weekly salary of $625+. Mileage reimbursement, holidays off/paid, vacation/sick time included in benefits package. This position starts asap but for sure by Fall

The 2 youngest are currently in daycare. The oldest is currently doing schooling from home. In the Fall, there's a chance the oldest will be doing partial at home schooling at partial in person. That is yet to be decided. They plan to move to the Troy/Rochester Hills area by summertime. The children would be attending school in that area, not in Linden. When they move, they could opt to have a live-in nanny if desired. Mom would most likely have full custody of the children once they move, so the nanny would have to work out a schedule with Mom. She is open to hiring a second nanny to make sure the original nanny doesn't get burnt out with too many hours.

Mom splits custody of the boys with Dad every other week. Even though Dad will have the kids on some days, the Mom wants to ensure she has coverage from a nanny in case Dad flakes. Dad will live 5 minutes away (until they move). Nanny will have limited interaction with Dad. Duties could include transporting kids, housekeeping duties, ensuring kids have their meals and baths, help with organizing clothes and toys, help with getting kids to activities. Family provides a van for usage on the job.

Someone who is comfortable doing house management and housekeeping while the boys are all at school/at Dad's is a must-have. On the weeks when mom does not have the boys, the nanny is requested to still do work around the house, meal prep, organizing, errands etc, and the days/hours can be decided on by the nanny.