Why Some Nannies are Hired, and Others are Not

Many of my nannies and sitters lately have been confused as to why they are not getting jobs quicker, or are not getting called back after interviews. The main reason for this, is because many nannies/sitters come to Perfect Nanny Match unprepared. Many candidates come dressed for 'coffee with a friend', not 'an interview with a potential employer'.

What some candidates may or may not know, Perfect Nanny Match is the doorway to their next position. If they don't impress us, they are not going to be put in front of our families.

Some reasons nannies do not impress Perfect Nanny Match are:

  • They are not dressed business casual during interview
  • They arrive late to interview
  • Resume states their objective as having nothing to do with childcare 'Searching for a position in the field of social work'.
  • Resume is bland, has spelling errors, or correct grammar is not utilized
  • Applicants references will not respond to calls
  • Applicant is not CPR/First Aid certified, or cannot find their certificates
  • Applicant does not have formal childcare training, or college courses
  • Applicant does not have a portfolio

Some of the above mentioned reasons are quite easy to fix:

  • Have several different resumes, one for each type of job you are applying for
  • Have a third party take a look at your resume for errors (the library generally has free resume classes/mentors)
  • Let your references know that someone will be calling, and possibly give them the name/number of the person calling so they are prepared
  • Take a CPR/First Aid class, and make sure you make copies of your certificate

But the biggest subject I would like to discuss is your portfolio. For my beginning nannies and sitters, you might not even know what a portfolio is. I will try and explain the best way I can. I can assure you that if you have a portfolio, and you bring it to your interview with Perfect Nanny Match, you will get moved to the top of the list, and will from that point on be one of my 'better candidates'.

You will not only impress Perfect Nanny Match, but the family you interview will also be blown away with how detailed, informative and professional you are because of your portfolio. Many nannies simply have all these items in a binder, some of them are in scrapbook form, some are very tidy and neat, others are more creative. Whichever way you choose to present your portfolio, make sure it has some, if not all of these components:

  • Headshot of just yourself
  • Photos of you 'at work' with your charges
  • Your professional nanny resume
  • Personal Narrative (describing you as a person, interests, values)
  • Work History
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Professional Development completed
  • Awards Received/Certificates
  • A detail sheet describing what a perfect nanny job looks like to you
  • Art project ideas
  • Activity ideas for different age groups

Not every nanny or sitter will have these items, but at least having a binder with most of these items will keep everything in one place, and will impress whoever it's presented to. These tips are not mentioned to worry, or scare nannies or sitters who have not yet been placed with a family, but are presented to give some insight as to why this may be happening. Feel free to comment and share your opinion or ideas!


Lena Santacaterina (Owner of Perfect Nanny Match)

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